It’s Time to Ignore the Numbers

You’re standing on the bathroom floor, preparing for the big step you’re about to take. You’re stomach fills with dread as you regret eating that chocolate bar two hours ago just because you felt like it. The number flashes on the tiny screen above your toes and a sigh is all you can muster. You see a number you didn’t want. But why are you letting that get to you? Does that number define you, does it represent your health in anyway?

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Hello everyone!

First of all, I hope you all have had a great Christmas and New Year, I wish you all the best for 2018!

Okay, I’ve been inactive for ages now and I am so sorry. The past month has been terrible, I’ve been stressing over college, stressing over what to get everyone for xmas, then I had Christmas and NYE which was amazing but then everything went tumbling downhill again and there was nothing I could do…

I have written a bit about what happened but I don’t know whether to upload it or not. I am going to be posting again soon but I want to take just a bit more time to myself and not post for a bit – but I will be back soon! I have missed blogging and reading everyone’s posts so I am so excited to get back into it whenever that will be.

Thank’s for sticking by my blog and welcome to you new followers that have joined during my hiatus! I hope you enjoy reading my blog and you will be hearing from me again very soon… Thanks!


A Stocking Fillers Guide

All my life I have never been able to understand how my mum Santa has been able to pack my stocking with such amazing small gifts! I love that every year my stocking is filled with amazing – and handy – essentials, fun little gifts and, of course, chocolate. Before I kick-off this post, I just want to say that I appreciate every gift that is given to me on Christmas whether it is one of the big ones or the small ones in my stocking. Continue reading “A Stocking Fillers Guide”

Song’s for a Festive Bop

Christmas is a great season. It brings its own food, decorations, weather, vibe and of course you can’t forget its cheesy but lovable songs! The great thing about the music that surrounds Christmas is that even though its only one season, all genres can partake in the music making for the season. Songs for the festive season can come from R&B groups, pop artists, beautiful opera singers, orchestra bands and I’m pretty sure there are even some rock bands with Christmas music for us all to enjoy! Continue reading “Song’s for a Festive Bop”

GRWM : Concert Edition

In a room full of young, sweaty and drunk teens screaming and chanting for one guy to come on stage – you come across multiple different types of people. The girls who wear super short shorts, the boys who think their body is far too beautiful to be hidden so they insist on walking around the hall topless and the ones who dance the night away and not care how they look (those are the fun ones, we like you lot).

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The Importance of News

I am a journalism student and typically a journalist is expected to have a bountiful supply of knowledge on current affairs and specific topics of interest. But I am someone who doesn’t quite adhere to this stereotype. I hated modern studies in high school and have never really payed attention to what’s going on in the world because if it’s not affecting me then who cares – right?

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